Ancient Forest Products is a Forest Friendly Enterprise
sage high country

Pure Sage Country

The forest is our home. It is our garden. Long before we ever even contemplated becoming a forest products business our respect for the ancient and deep woods and fertile deserts was thoroughly established.

As mentioned elsewhere on this web site, we have lived and raised our family here in the Southern Cascade Temperate Rain Forest for decades. We have spent many wonderful days in the high Oregon deserts.

Juan in the sage high country

Wild Crafter Juan

The virtues and beauty that drew us here and motivated us to send down deep roots here are under assault almost every day. Because we live here we are sensitized more than most to the effects of natural resources mismanagement. We see its horrible effects almost daily and operate under the premise of low impact methods of harvest.

Greed is a great demon that has instilled a destructive mindset in those who want to simply 'use'our forests. That is another reason we are very sensitive about our relationship with the woods. Ancient Forest is determined not to overstep our bounds in violating a long standing trust that has existed between man and forest from ancient times.

sage camp

Sage Camp

Ages have come and gone when mankind lived harmoniously and in a sustainable fashion in our forests and deserts. The aboriginal First Nations people learned the hard way of the give and take in wilderness living. A deep and abiding wisdom attended all of the actions and interactions with the 'Great Garden'. The laws and principles that governed the forest depths became their laws. To violate them meant death not only for you but perhaps your entire family or tribe. To uphold and understand the laws of nature meant that abundance and beauty were in your path.

ancient forest wildcrafter Marcos

Marcos Wildcrafting

It is the principles of giving and taking, so that all were sustained, that made and molded them as a people. While many other cultures far afield were devoting themselves to the development of iron and machinery to "master" nature, the aboriginal tribes were discovering ways to grow and live without destroying the beauty of LIFE that unceasingly carried them through their days of living.

In spite of the great changes that have taken place in a relatively short time in this part of the world, not all of the ancient wisdom has been lost. It is this treasure trove of light that we have hoped to rediscover and implement in our family and the Ancient Forest Products business model. It is a way of life.

ancient forest wildcrafter Joshua

Joshua Gathering

Our approach to the seasons of harvest are attended with respect and sensitivity. Not only this, we are fully convinced that our attitude is mirrored in every facet of the process that goes into preparing the natural products that we send out across the lands. It is reflected in all of our items. Our lives depend on it.

We have consciously chosen to deal measurably and conscientiously with the forest and the desert and to always give back to show our appreciation. The notion of giving back, reciprocity, saturated the lifestyles of the First Nations people. It was never, "take, take take!". That is not nature's way.

Our collecting of herbs always keeps that which is proper in the forefront of our minds. We rely on skill rather than cutting corners to meet the need. Limbs are not brutally mutilated when the rich volatile oil laden tips are gleaned. Neither is there more taken from a tree or shrub than is appropriate. We have found the living things of the earth to be repeatedly generous in their giving if we are gentle in our taking. Every harvesting area of our "garden" is carefully evaluated before we begin and after we leave. We are careful to attend the surrounding area as though it were a precious flower garden. We do not deal violently with nature's generosity.

juniper harvest

High Desert Juniper Stands

We do what a good steward does and are rewarded by a rich and bountiful harvest year by year. The trees and shrubs are willing to share. It is in their nature. Ancient Forest Products is determined not to take advantage of this.

We regard the regions in which we harvest to be very pure with a minimum of pollution from exposure to rigors of modern life. Those components of our incense and smudge wands that are domestically cultivated we consider as important an element as any other. We purchase high quality organically grown herbs from certified and reputable sources. This, of course, adds to the cost of the production of our products but it is a value that should not be compromised.

juniper harvest

Joshua and Samantha with Juniper

So there in a nutshell you have the fundamental paradigm of our business model. All of the wild crafters associated with us are thoroughly trained in this respect and we consider them an extended family. We strive to reflect the generosity of the forest to those who work with us in giving them a fair wage for the hard work associated with forest work.

This goodness we extend to you in our ancient forest incense and wand products. Every aspect of our efforts are quality control monitored. We seek to maintain an open atmosphere of free communication in our extended family and with our customers. Join us in the Ancient Forest.



giving thanks

Proprietor, Mitakaye Oyasin

Sue Ann Lake