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The Family and Home of Ancient Forest Products

Ancient Forest Products is a family owned business. We work hard at what we do because our interest in our natural products is not only a business but a way of life. We have lived within the heart of the Southern Cascade Mountains of Oregon for many years and have raised our family here. We have deep roots in the land. Through the many hours spent out doors we have come to respect and enjoy our deep forest mountain living lifestyle. We extend this way of life to you through our natural incense products.

Within our reach every day are the flora and fauna that have also made this their home from ancient times until now. As the years have passed the mysteries and the messages of forest and stream have been our coveted treasures. Slowly the secrets contained in plants and trees have come to win a special place of honor in our hearts. We have seen their good and have sought to learn their ways. For us, the beauty of creation is intensified by the awesome power of the healing it contains in almost every aspect of its expression. Stems, resins, leaves, and flowers, all, are each overflowing with a unique expression of life that the plant kingdom is willing to share with us.

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We have learned to let the wilds formulate our understanding of life. If we abuse its gifts we reap ill health and sorrows are ours. If we only take, take, take, the land dies. If we give in return for the bounty we see and receive all around us, then harmony prevails. Between the trees of the forest are to be found the pathways of purity and hope, of honesty and giving - the good things that our hearts tell us is right.

This is an ancient way. All around us the echoes of the people who roamed these paths reminds us of an almost forgotten time when men lived in a sustainable fashion in this mysterious garden called "the forest". We have come to respect those traditions and much of the wisdom they contained. In our searches we have benefited from the ancient aromatic therapies secreted within the plant kingdom. Through the judicious mixing of plant materials a wonderful panoply of volatile healing essences can be released through low heat burning. This was a common knowledge and used among ancient people groups world wide for thousands of years and still is today. Diluted or treated incense is bad for your health. Only traditionally prepared and proven techniques and plant species should be used for incense therapy. We hope to once again rekindle this valuable healing art through our cottage industry.

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Our entire business carries the mark of our personal touch and respect. We seek to maintain the highest standards of quality and purity in our products and business relationships. Nothing extraneous or synthetic is ever added to our incense materials. Our sustainable harvesting techniques and respect for the land ensure benefits to all in generations to come. Only a small portion of each plant source is gleaned at any given time thus minimizing the impact of the harvest.

All herbs, gums, resins and woods acquired from regions not harvested by us come from skilled traditional and conscientious organic sources.

The quality and ability of harvesting and handling these gifts of nature are very evident when their essences are released. We are unrelenting in our efforts to deliver these materials in a pure and wholesome condition to our customers. Any unadulterated well taken care of incense will cost a little more than average brands. Remember when you burn incense and you are breathing the smoke, it should be uncompromisingly pure.

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The South Umpqua River

We, of course, offer a money back guarantee on all our products. If for any reason you feel you have not received from us what you expected, we are more than happy to exchange for credit or a refund. It is our desire to win your trust and build a relationship with you.

We look forward to hearing from you.With love and respect, from all of us at Ancient Forest,

Mitakaye Oyasin, Sue Ann Lake